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End of the month

November 24th, 2004 at 04:50 pm

IT's nearing the end of the month. We have no money, of course. We'd have a little if not for our little trip and our new VCR. DH's life is watching movies, so I conceded we could buy one now instead of 2 weeks from now.

We keep saying we'll fix it next month. Next month, next month. DH gets 3 pay checks next month and 2 stat days for sure. Then there's January 1st for a stat day. He hopes to work all 3. Fine by me.

We're getting colds. Got a sore throat today. I blame work, since one of my co-workers has a horrible cough. Wish I had money for some echinacea. If it even really works. Guess I'll go brew some tea and pull the humidifier up from DD"s room.

It's wednesday, that means parenting group day. Hooray!! DD isn't too sure about it, but she'll be okay once she is there.

Happy Joy or not

November 23rd, 2004 at 04:33 am

It seems that the Calliou video we got from my SIL has ruined (both) VCR's. I made the assumption (wrongly) that it was a bug's life or that the VCR was dirty. So I switched to the other VCR, which has a habit of eating tapes (so it's not the best one to use anyway). Neither of them will show a tape now. If I go the menu I can hear the tape, and I can almost see when using the tracking. But, the tracking is what seems to be ruined. I can't manual track the tape and the auto track is dead.

Wonder how cheap we can get a new VCR. Frown Very unhappy. Won't tell DH about using the second VCR. He thinks it's dead anyway. VERY PISSED OFF asrai right now. DD is just getting into Calliou so I was hoping that things would work out well for us with the tape. Nope it's killed 3 VCR's now, since I'm assuming that it killed SIL's as well. ARGH ARGH ARGH. Damned. Gotta go write DH a note and tell him that the VCR is dead dead dead.

Stressful Spendy weekend

November 23rd, 2004 at 12:50 am

It cost us $80 in gas alone to get to SIL and back. We'll we have nearly a full tank of gas left. Half way between here and there gas is super cheap. Here it is 79.9/liter and there we paid 72.4cents/liter.

Then we bought some food on the way there and back which was I guess $20. And then we exchanged presents which cost another $20. And there were some other incidentals, so about $130 we spent on one weekend that was VERY stressful.

4 kids, 2 room house. 3 smokers. The kids are 7 year old boy, 4 year old with Down's Syndrome girl, and 3 year old girl.

DD is rather shy and quiet. Their kids are CRAZY, nutso. They just want to be in our poor girl's face all the time and she doesn't know what to do. She did play with them, espcially their 7 year old son. The middle girl was always hugging and in her face, she's a very lovey kid, and is well intentioned but DD just can't take it.

my sister in law went shopping twice. Once without the kids, and once with two kids. ARGH. Like 6 hours of shopping with her. I don't mind shopping. But boy oh boy she likes to spend. They went into their overdraft while we are there. (They have no savings, and make a decent income. No debt but they smoke ... and not just cigerettes. At least they go outside for the latter).

It was supposed to DH's and I weekend together. We only get minimal time togheter. So SIL and I went out. And then he went out with his brother in law for 3 hours and i was asleep when he got back. So I was a little rude when the guys got back, 'cause I was pissed I never saw him all evening.

IT was a total of 8 hours driving. DD did REALLY good. The last bit she was getting antsy, not that I blame her.

Okay I hope this makes sense. I gotta make some supper.

Slacking off

November 19th, 2004 at 09:39 pm

In preperation for my test (that and DD's computer obessesion) I haven't been online much. Just reading my email. We're going away for the weekend so I won't be here then. Changing all my yahoo groups to no mail so I'm not clobbered on Sunday eve when we return. Just the freecycle stuff and my financial bootcamp emails will come in.

My test went well tho. Wish I have my results from all 3. :P

Got DD a library card yesterday. Because they don't charge late fees for kids books. Although I keep thinking I'm late on things and they never charge me. I can't argue with it tho.

We've spent $130 on groceries this month so far. And should be under a hundred more. I should start the new list now. The menus have helped tremendously. Next month I should be able to buy chicken breasts again. YUM! We finally have money and are paying off debt. It's exciting. When our debt is paid off we'll have just over $500 in expendable income. Which will be saved for school and then we'll have no money.

Attempt #2

November 14th, 2004 at 01:10 am

Attempt #1 to post was thwarted by DD's desire to play on the computer and then it was time for exercises. I do aerobics everyday that DH works. Added to DD and I going for a walk.

We're doing good this month it should be a decent month despite my pitiful work hours. They keep saying "Things will pick up next week." I'm still waiting for next week a month later. And despite that we are going on a 4 hour car ride (one way).

OTher than that, we haven't spent a lot of money. DH keeps wanting to spend spend spend as usual. And i would like a few things for myself. I'm getting a little resentful.

Writing my 3rd exam this week and the final one next week. Phew. Have a good day. Supper is nearly ready.


So busy

November 11th, 2004 at 03:54 am

I've have 28 hours of work this week. Tomorrow is a stat day so double time for most of the day. Hooray for me (it's dependent on the hours you work per week *rolls eyes*).

Anyway, Red Deer freecycle has 100 members. This is the most exciting news for me. We've been open since June 25, and we have 100 members!!! Doing a happy dance right now.

I've finished reading my text book now I just have to write my tests. And print the last assignment off and send it. I should do that now.

Learned about anger managment today in my parenting class. That was interesting might have to post about that later if I have some time. And then went ot my mom's. Went shopping today spent less than I thought we would and should have a juice supply for the rest of the month. Have to enter that information in my spreadsheet. I'm tracking everything to find out where we need to cut down (extra's and add more into the fruit and veggies category) to try to get the balanced diet/balanced budget we need and desire.

ANyway it's nearly nine I just got back from my mom's. And I have to eat snack, get ready for bed, do some housework (OR NOT), and get to bed.

Have a good night.

Lazing about

November 7th, 2004 at 10:06 pm

Had a lazy day today. Typed out my final assignment I just have to read it over once and then print it out. Hooray for that.

Havne't been spending much but on food lately. Have to pay a bill today and move some money into savings.

DH made a shelf for his movies. We have a few hundred movies. Over 200 anyway, not sure the tally anymore.

My menus I made up are working well. It sure helps me when shopping I look at next weeks menus and decide what is needed from that.

I"m hungry so I'm gonna go get a cookie.


November 4th, 2004 at 11:19 pm

I had some other stuff to write but now it's all gone out the window.

Got a letter from my insurance company as of last month our insurance is $20 less a month. So we got a $50 credit this month in leiu of last month. This is exciting news for us. We both had an accident in 99 and it takes 7 years to get rid of that. and I'm also a young driver (which no longer matters in Alberta).

There was a stat day last month that DH and I had. (which made up for hte day that DH had to miss when I got my concussion) and hten there is one this month as well. DH has it off, so it's a paid day off and I work. NOt sure what that means for me since my hours are so crap anyway.

I have to go write a shopping list for tomorrow for the next two weeks worth of food. Have a good day.


November 4th, 2004 at 03:33 am

Tonight around midnight DH gets paid. Hooray we can buy food again. We almost nothing left. Couldn't even buy milk today so DD and I get to have toast in the morning. I'll have to hide two peices in the fridge for DH's lunch. Or maybe I"ll just grab another loaf, we eat a lot of bread.

Today was a stressful day. Worked 5 hours, coulda been 6, but I didn't want to be too rushed getting to my parenting class for 1 PM. I hate to turn down hours since EVERYONE is getting cut down the next two weeks.

Explain how we lose an employee and still have less hours than usual. I'm so frustrated. Trying to just let it go and let the universe figure it out. If need be I'll just have to pay less on the debts for the moment and catch up when the money comes in.

Did 3 chapters today. Have 6 left and I have to type out my final assignment. And then two tests. Ach!

Good day

November 2nd, 2004 at 11:26 pm

DH's smokes didn't last more than 2 weeks, in fact for the last month he was making 2 more days than 2 weeks and today it's 2 days early and he's whining for money.

My hours are still being cut down. The latest person to get hired (one rung down the ladder from me) just quit and I'm still getting crappy hours. It's frustrating. But I'm trusting the universe to provide for us. Which I hope means I get my hours up. Or win the lottery. LOL. No, we don't buy lottery tickets.

My back hurts from facing. I wasn't supposed to be facing today but the truck was late. Again. I guess it comes through the mountains.
So that could be a big problem

Trying the potty thing again. Not going well. She's went four times in her underpants and zero times in the potty. THe problem is we cloth diaper and we've lost a pair of plastic pants and the ones we have get really gross really fast and I don't have any money right now for new ones.