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In other exciting news

November 1st, 2004 at 01:35 am

I just checked my freecycle group and we have 95 members!! since june 25. That's exciting for me. We'd have over a 100 messages this month. 50 + items offered/wanted.

How much would that end up being in the garbage under normal circumstances? It's exciting for me.

Happy Halloween

November 1st, 2004 at 01:33 am

DD and I went out for a half hour. I can ration that candy to last a year. DD will not be happy with that.

It's cold enough out that th ecandy we bought should last us another year. Except for DH. He'd eat it all in one night and then be sick for a week. :P

Other than that I"m jsut enjoying my two days off. This is gonna be a long week. 26 hours. I guess that's not too bad. Then 24 hours the next week.

Now I have to do some dishes. I didn't make tortillas today like I had planned. Need to do that tomorrow. DH has tomorrow off as well. That rarely happens. and it doesn't really matter. The only thing that changes when he has a day off is I make something meaty for supper and when I'm off it means he has an extra hour to sleep.


October 30th, 2004 at 10:23 pm

Well, we have no money or very little but everything is paid. But what does DH do? Leaves his sandwhich on the cupboard. :P He's over 15 minutes away, I have no vehicle, means he's grabbing fast food. GRR!

Did light stocking today. The asst. manager (who drove me h ome on Thursday) had a fit because I had a heavy box on my wheeler, but I was taking the items out indivdually and putting them on the shelf. Head feels not too bad.

Two days off and I should be good as new.

Finally got some more hours in two weeks. I had 12, it's double that now. PHEW!! Was having panicks, I need 20 some hours so I can pay off debt the way I plan. I want out of debt ASAP. Plus, there's the visit and christmas pictures to do this month. But DH gets paid 3 times in December/January (depending on when the checks get deposited) so we should get back on track then.


October 29th, 2004 at 10:20 pm

I was opening the wrap on a skid yesterday morning at 7:00 Am. and the skids were ALL very unbalanced, stuff was falling off as we were unloading the truck (or kelly was and i watched him do it since I"m too weak to move a skid). I was bent down and three boxes fell off and at least one of them hit the back of my head.

About five minutes later I had split most of the skid and then I was whoozy and puking. So hi ho, off to the emergency ward we go. I had vomitted three times, so they did a CT scan. And all is fine. I'm still dizzy today.

DH had to stay home yesterday and watch me and wake me up in the night.

Had to go into work today and fill out worker's compensation forms so they can pay me for the time I missed. It has all been very much fun.

Somewhere according to my calculations we should have more money than we do, but I don't know where. I have everything accounted for in the register, so I'm not sure where I got these other numbers from.

We're back

October 28th, 2004 at 03:23 am

Or the site is which is good.

Watched a solar eclipse tonight. Had some sasuage manicotti. Meet some neighbours who invited DD and I over for coffee.

The problem is the people around here who have kids are old or single mothers. (The ones I know anyway). No one for DH to visit with. I"m trying to talk him into taking a father's only parenting class.

Uh, it's bed time so I have to go. Have a good night


October 24th, 2004 at 03:16 pm

DD is still sleeping on the sofa. She wanted to get up but then I was watching Good Morning Canada, she fell asleep on me so I set her down and came to read my email.

My ISP was testing out some new anti-virus email scanning so I got no emails Friday and they ALL came on Saturday and Sunday. 200+. (I belong to many email groups, although I've cut down, plus my freecycle group email that needs to be moderated.

Re-reading the $10/week grocery list from budget101.com Always helpful. Especially when we are going to get groceries today.

I'm taking a parenting course for young parents. And I brought the book home to read. In the budgeting sectiion there is a page about food and what the average person should spend per month dependent on age.

For myself it's $150, DH: nearly 200 and DD almost a hundred. THat's just for food. They have all the other things paper, cleaners, etc at over 100 and then DD's diapers on top of that. That's like nearly double the amount we spend now on everything (we use cloth diapers for one). It's insane. There would be so much junk food in this house if we spent that.

Anyway DD is up, so we are going to make up some oatmeal. and I'm going ot add raisins to the shopping list as we are out.

Feels like a sunday

October 22nd, 2004 at 09:13 pm

No one has had any motivation today. Slept way in. 9 AM. I usually get up at 5.

DD is napping on the sofa. I'm watching Passions. Which has got to be the stupidest soap on tv. I find it so amusing.

My flylady emails haven't come yet today. Stupid yahoo.

Just go the flyers for next weeks shopping. Sugar is on 2 for 1, at a 50 cents saving per bag from the cheapest I can buy it so I'll buy a few of them. Nothing else much there. More flyers will arive on Sunday. Today has just been a boring day.

Another Day another ...

October 22nd, 2004 at 12:41 am

$600 dollars I guess. DH got paid today. I get paid tomorrow, my check will have a stat day on it, DH's next paycheck will have the stat day on it. This paycheck basically goes to rent.

Made some of the the chicken tonight. Maid chicken chow mein but it hasn't been as good as the first time I made it. Very disappointing.

The guy from freecycle came and picked up the snowsuits today. I guess I can say I give becuase we donate a lot of DD"s clothing and other things around the house that we have an abundance of.

My mom and her bf are going to kill one of his cows. And they are going ot give/we are going to buy some meat from it. Good meat. I hate buying it from the store, we can only afford the cheap cheap stuff and it's always fatty and tough and not good. So hopefully this will save us some money and we'll get good food and fill the freezer.

I did make bread yesterday and cookies. With 2/3 the amount of sugar, they taste good despite me doubling the baking soda. I froze half of the dough for later becuase they tend to get hard.

Bought $20 worth of groceries for $15 today at work. Card saves money. Of course I checked my price book first and they prices were good. So that was my saving for the day. How was your day?

Day off!

October 20th, 2004 at 03:19 pm

Day off today. Gonna bake some bread I think.

Been up since 7:30 (2 1/2 hour sleep in!). Did aerobics. DD got and we had breakfast. She's dresed I'm not. She's watching her show and then we'll go brush teeth and get dressed.

We bought 5 kg of chicken legs yesterday for $8.60 (CD). Gonna cook them in the crockpot when we want them because they take so long in the oven, it takes less energy. I used to thaw them and cut them but that takes forever. If I cook them in the crockpot long enough they should just fall off the bone and then I'll cut them up. Maybe I'll do some up and freeze the cut up chicken cubes for stirfrys and such. I also have 3 kg of chicken drumsticks I bought last month ($15 I think maybe $11) that I can do things with. Both DD and I love chicken. DH would rather have hamburger.

I can also take the bones after I cook the chicken legs and make soup. In september I bought a whole chicken that i made for motherinlaw and me for supper that I made broth with. SO I have lots, but there's always room for more. Our freezer we bought last year is getting very full. I need to organize it somehow.

I have about three cups of applesauce yet to freeze. And then it's done.

Time for getting dressed. Have a great day everyone.

Last bucket

October 19th, 2004 at 07:11 pm

It's finally done. The apples

Going to get boots for DD today. And a gentleman is coming to pick up her last year's winter coat. Freecycle. It was given to me and is brand new. Prolly still fit my small girl, but she got a brand new one given to her from my uncle that i would like to wear.

Our furnace is out. It won't stay going. We found the space heater not that's making a difference, but my socks are wet. I guess I should go change and get some lunch.


October 18th, 2004 at 02:59 am

Got two of the three buckets processed and mostly frozen. There's a bit left that I'm not s ure what to do with. Anyway it has been some work but it should save some money. Gonna give some to my mom her bf likes applesauce I guess.

DD made it to the potty during her bath. (more or less made it. disinfecting the toys now) She often has a BM during bath time but has been catching it lately. IT's terribly exciting for me. B ut only something a mom can understand.

I'm going to write a to do list of things I want to get done this week while I have three days off (today being one of them). I've done 3 weeks of menus. I don't know what else we seem to eat the same things over and over. I need a fourth week at least for variety. Some things can remain the same but y'know. not that DH is home to know the difference, but I do make enough for him to eat when he gets home or DD and I for lunch the next day.

I also have to write a shopping list. We don't have a lot of money this week so I have to write and stick a list.


October 17th, 2004 at 01:29 am

They came. My crabapples came. Gonna go cook them up now. Whoooh ...

Blah .. that took more effort and time then I wanted. But I got most of one ice cream pail done. GODS I have three pails ... but it should be good in my muffins instead of all the oil and sugar they use. Well I still need some of those items but not as many. I'll do some more tomorrow. The kitchen is clean now.
I wonder how much an hour I'm making doing up these apples. How much does a bottle of applesauce cost? I can't remmber not an item I buy.

The "S" word

October 16th, 2004 at 10:28 pm

It snowed here today. Well something between midnight and 5 AM (It was still raining at midnight when DH came in). It was melting when I was heading to work, but then again that was on the car that I had just started. The temperture felt nice out then, at 5 AM.
So I went to work and the truck of freight was just arriving. YAY and hour late!! Grr, so we got that unloaded and then I started to work and Kelly did nothing. As usual. The men there are so lazy. Me and Joan got loads done tho.
DD is watching "songs". Mostly kids singers from the 80's Sharon Lois and Brahm and Sandra Beech (S, L, B are Canadian). It's funny to see the hair and clothing they have on. Brings back memories. Mother In law got it for her for her birhtday she LOVES it.
Tomorrow off. YAY. But my apples got snowed on before I could get them Frown Damned anyway. I really wanted to make some applesauce. Gotta figure out what we are having for supper. DD won't anything anyway *rolls eyes*


October 16th, 2004 at 12:38 am

Finally a freecycle worked out. Sort of. I went shopping with my mom but left the dresser out side and she picked it up. There is so much room in DD"s room. If only I could get rid of those silly boxes of clothes. But I find it hard to give away BRAND NEW clothing. I kept only the brand new stuff and stuff that was too cute. I want to give it away, but to someone in the family or circle of friends y'know. Since all the clothing I got was given to me by the same.

I do need to send an outfit to an old high school friend who just hada a girl.

A lady is bringing me soem apples tomorrow. From her tree. Gonna make apple sauce for muffins since using oil is bloody expensive. it takes 1 c of oil and 4 eggs (I only use 1 egg and 3 egg subsituttes of cornstrach and water) for the silly recipe. I think I'm out of carrots anyway, but the apple sauce will good for baking and DD will eat it. Hopefully, the kid won't eat anythibg lately.


October 13th, 2004 at 11:36 pm

I'm done assignment #1. One paper and two tests and 12 chapters to go. HEHE ... um ... i better go get to work.

I have til December ?? to get this done. Sitll don't know when in December but I plan to be done before December. I'm going ot have the next test done by the end of October and the paper done by mid-November and final exam done by late late November at the latest.

On other fronts we have no money as usual and have been spending on food as usual. I need to get our

Didn't I?

October 13th, 2004 at 03:19 pm

Didn't I write an entry yesterday? Can't remember. *sigh* Apparently not. Maybe I dreamed it. I have very real dreams that I can't tell apart from reality sometimes. Once I dreamt I talked to my SIL on the phone nad had to ask DH the next day if that had really happened. I'm not crazy really.

Yeah I remember I wrote about the stuff I'm giving away on freecycle. A dresser of DD's that we no longer need. We had so much extra stuff from my sister-in-law that we needed it to store everything but now that's all gone and the dresser is just taking up room. A lady is coming ot pick that up on Thursday.

I forgot to phone the other lady yesterday about DD's last year snowsuit that she would like. It's a nicenice snowsuit I could prolly consign for a goodly amount of money but I would rather give it since it was given to me.

We also have a big bag of clothes and toys of DD"s and other random household items to give to a charity. It's overflowing so I guess I should take it down.

Have some school work to get finished today (FINALLY gonna have my #1 paper done. Then I have to write test #3 write paper #2 and test #4 and i'me DONE!! Wohoo). Anyway the point is paper #1 is gonna be done.

Well DD"s show is almost over and we have to go brush our teeth and finished getting dressed.

Happy Thanksgiving

October 12th, 2004 at 01:08 am

At least in Canada.

Got taken out for THanksgiving supper. My mom and her boyfriend took DD and I out. Dh is working tonight. Double time pay!! wohoo. I got paid for not working. Gotta love those stat days. This will make up for last week and next weeks cut down of hours. Not to mention the stereo DH talked me into buying. It is considered our Christmas present tho. We are also going to buy some blinds for the bedrooms.

I'm giving away DD"s last years snowsuit and a dresser to Freecyclers. YAY. Hopefully it'll work out this time. Last two people never did show up. Oh well, if they don't it's going to charity. Along with a chair that no one wants (it's missing a leg and we have no room to put it so we don't feel the need to replace it). I also have a big bag of DD's clothes and toys and some of my toys and household items that will be donated.

After Christmas we will be selling her crib as well. My dad is buying her a bed, as far as I am aware of.

I broke my freecycle rules tho. I have a paper to be written after I interveiw three children in three age groups to determine their development of conservation (that matter, volume of liquid, number stay the same even if the appearance changes ... I looked for some links online but couldn't find anything useful). Anyway I don't know anyone in the city that has kids that age (well o ne person but she's fallen of the earth so I had to give up and move on) so I posted to freecycle looking for volunteers. It's gonna bit me in the ass I know. But I had to I have to get this done. That tarot cards told me I opened Pandora's box, which I hope means that it will turn out okay.

DD is watching a cartoon so I should go do the dishes. As much as I don't want to. It's back to work tomorrow and Wednesday is off for both DH and I. That never happens. Not like it matters much I'm exhausted by 10 PM period, working or not. IT sucks. But someday things will be back to normal.

Have a good thanksgiving. As


October 11th, 2004 at 04:10 pm

Busy busy bee.

Making tortillas this morning. Did my budget for food according to Jo's budget files on 4on4@yahoogroups.com. She's a very frugal lady.

According to what I want to spend a month on food I should be spending about 2.30/meal for the three of us. (Of course, DD's portions are 1/4 the size of DH's. Maybe less).

There is $52/category/month to spent on food. Meat, grains, fruits and vegs, milk and the like and misc food. I think I can work within those categories. BUt I have to start tracking how much is spent in each category. I also haven't yet made my menus up. BAD. I'm the one who talked about them the most and i haven't done it.

I have to go study

October 7th, 2004 at 02:47 am

Too busy to write anything. Also too tired. Too annoyed. Too sick. I hate having a cold. And it's not bad enough, I still have to go to work. Which is good since I don't get paid sick days, as far as I know. :P

Gonna go study and do bed time stuff.

She's Alseep so I have a minute

October 3rd, 2004 at 09:34 pm

Just got back from my cousin's where I was visiting my aunt who was in town, her son who is almost 4 and on the autistc spectrum disorder scale (they don't know how severe yet), my cousin's roomates and my mom was there and DD and I. PHEW!!

IT was nice to see everyone.

We have $40 for the rest of the week. Well Thursday DH gets paid. It's always hard at the end/start of the month. Rent is due. We would have been ahead but we had to get the car battery and then we got all those clothes. We should have all that paid back mid-month.

We were supposed to be able to get some 2x4's for our sattellite to go back up. I don't know when that is going to happen. I should have just got cable back on and left it at that for the rest of the month.

We made some carrot cake muffins this morning. Then I washed 3 big bags of carrots up (finally they've been here for a month). Yummy garden carrots. So much better than store bought and I know there was nothing used on them becuase I grew them myself!!

We are all sick here. So I think i'll go make some tea. I wish I had some ginger and lemon that would help things go quicker. I read tumeric is good but I don't think I could drink that!! PEW!!

I should go study tho while she sleeps. Hopefully I'm writing later this week/early next week. Phew. Have to go find something for supper too. ANy suggestions??

Day 2

October 3rd, 2004 at 03:22 pm

There was no crying on teh second night and she didn't even ask for it last night when we went to bed. She did wake up crying for it in the middle of the night.

So it's gone. T hank goodness. I could just throw a party.

DD did wake up with a cought this morning and I suspect her throat is sore like mine.

Soother Chronicles

October 1st, 2004 at 06:02 pm

DD still has a sucky/soother/pacifer. She has a horibble rash around her mouth from it. Last night she ate some orange and it hurt her. So we decided to take it away.

She screamed in pain for a half hour before crashing out. IT was like watching a drug withdrawl on a TV show. Eventually she fell into a fitful sleep. Waking up often enough to cry "SUCKY!" I was trying my damndest not to laugh. IT was so dramatic.

She got up with me at 5 and her dad eventually got her back to sleep around 7:30 I would have to guess.

It was -7 lastnight. Winter coat, hat, mitts, scraped the car window on Oct 1. It's 3 C now.

Having lunch. Spagehtti again. Third time. I will freeze the rest for future rushed days.