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End of the month

November 24th, 2004 at 04:50 pm

IT's nearing the end of the month. We have no money, of course. We'd have a little if not for our little trip and our new VCR. DH's life is watching movies, so I conceded we could buy one now instead of 2 weeks from now.

We keep saying we'll fix it next month. Next month, next month. DH gets 3 pay checks next month and 2 stat days for sure. Then there's January 1st for a stat day. He hopes to work all 3. Fine by me.

We're getting colds. Got a sore throat today. I blame work, since one of my co-workers has a horrible cough. Wish I had money for some echinacea. If it even really works. Guess I'll go brew some tea and pull the humidifier up from DD"s room.

It's wednesday, that means parenting group day. Hooray!! DD isn't too sure about it, but she'll be okay once she is there.

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