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February 14th, 2005 at 02:49 am

Freecycle was on CBC Marketplace a week ago and then two days later I was in the paper about freecycle here.

We've had 148 new members in a week, to the hour. HEHE. Probably make 150 by tomorrow.

It's been pretty crazy.

People just WANT WANT WANT. I think we've had at least 5 computers wanted (not mentioning the person who wants them for charity). We've had a request for a trampoline (not ripped anywhere) and an electric guitar. :P I'm a little annoyed with the outrageous people. Sure if someone OFFERS. But rarely do people give big ticket items away. Of course, this is what they portrayed on Marketplace :P :P :P

Given away there's been a pool table, stove and dishwasher and a leather coat.

It's been hopping so I haven't had time for much else while on line. That and I finally finished my second assignment. Have to wait for my letter of consent before I can send it in tho.

Write about valentine's day soon.

Playschool, Freecycle in the paper, and Flylady

February 6th, 2005 at 01:14 am

Looking into playschool for DD for the fall. Anyone heard of Montessori? I looked it up online and it looked a little different. I don't think we'll go there. But almost everything else is across town. But I think we figured it out. Will have to drop her off, then come home for a while, then when it's time for DH to go to work he'll drop me off at the school. I'll hang out until DD's done and then we'll take the bus home. If we can't get a bunch of debt paid off and get our second car to this province by then.

The other thing is the cost. We aren't sure what the cost will be for playschool here.

I got interviewed for my local freecycle group. The reporter is using my picture and everything. EEK! Another local group contactedd him but then backed up. I really don't like the person running the group. She just rubs me the wrong way.

I'm trying to jump on this shine your sink from flylady. I hate the dishes strewn around the kitchen because everything else gets left out. And then when it's time to make supper it's just overwhelming and i don't feel like it. So I wrote to freecycle asking for rubbermaid bins and if I don't hear anything by mid-week I'm going to buy one. They aren't that much. I only need 5 gallons, that'll be lots.

I also need to re-write my menus. Next month maybe I"ll buy Saving DInner. I liked lots of the recipes, but DD won't eat anything and when it's just me and her I'm tired of cooking things she doens't eat.

I should not be up

February 1st, 2005 at 06:01 am

I should be sleeping. I have to work at 6 AM tomorrow, tired from working today.

But I"m planning Valentine's Day. Well, we're gonna have it this Friday, since my mom can take DD and we both have it off. I"m so excited. I decided to try to treat our relationship as if we are dating again. It's hard becuase I'm mad at him right now.

In other news, the local paper is interviewing me tomorrow about freecycle here. I'm rather nervous.

DD has regressed in potty training. I don't know if she wants to use the big potty (which is downstairs) or if she just wants to exercise her control in the situation. We'll see how things go. It's hard, being at work for half the day I don't know what he is doing about the situation.

Anyway, I think things are ready. I just have to plan a budget for the night. Want to get some wine and everything y'know. Not expensive wine. We like the cheap, sweet stuff. None of that dry stuff. YICK.

Night everyone.