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June 1st, 2006 at 03:48 am

It's warm out today. Got the fan running. the poor goldfish.

Let's see what have I been up to since I disappeared.

Working, going to school, running the household. The usual.

We paid off the car early this year (a little over a year early) with our Ralph bucks (Alberta had such a surplus they gave every person living in AB on Sept 31, 2005 some monies).

We purchased a mobile home on rented land last may. It is on a 5 year pay off. We got it just before housing just exploded here, not that it wasn't booming before. but the people had 2 kids, one on the way in a tiny trailer and wanted out so we got it for $10,000. We put $1500 down.

I'll write some more later right now I have to go and do more homework. I've got 5 courses left until i get my special needs educational assistant diploma.

Holy cow!

May 25th, 2006 at 09:58 pm

I haven't been hanging around this site in ages. It's showing in our current spending. This has got to stop because we want to do some major work around this place this summer and my boyfriend plans on starting classes this fall (one class at a time). And I have 5 left.

I haven't posted in over a year. So hi to all the new people and everyone who may remember me. I'll try to be around. I'm in so many places at once these days that I may just keep up the blog and not read much of the message boards. I do miss it but ... between everything on my plate I can't have it all.