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No money

February 28th, 2005 at 10:41 pm

We have no money again.

Our power bill is $30 more than normal becuase the car was plugged in so much last month. Ugh.
And my student loan is due March 1. Then I'll apply for interest relief again so we can pay off the car loan as quickly as possible.

Filed my taxes today. We used cutetax.ca or whatever the address is. Found it on the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Website. Since we made under $30,000 we didn't pay a thing. That was nice. Should get a good return and then we'll give that way so DH can go back to school in the summer. Whee. (He owes dorm fees so we can't get a transcript).

I should get and do some homework. And finish housework. DD fell asleep on the couch during quiet time so I'm gonna let her sleep until 4 PM and then have a snack and maybe get outside.

Need to remind myself to write about playschool as well. Going to do that on Friday. YAY!!