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November 4th, 2004 at 11:19 pm

I had some other stuff to write but now it's all gone out the window.

Got a letter from my insurance company as of last month our insurance is $20 less a month. So we got a $50 credit this month in leiu of last month. This is exciting news for us. We both had an accident in 99 and it takes 7 years to get rid of that. and I'm also a young driver (which no longer matters in Alberta).

There was a stat day last month that DH and I had. (which made up for hte day that DH had to miss when I got my concussion) and hten there is one this month as well. DH has it off, so it's a paid day off and I work. NOt sure what that means for me since my hours are so crap anyway.

I have to go write a shopping list for tomorrow for the next two weeks worth of food. Have a good day.

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