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Slacking off

November 19th, 2004 at 09:39 pm

In preperation for my test (that and DD's computer obessesion) I haven't been online much. Just reading my email. We're going away for the weekend so I won't be here then. Changing all my yahoo groups to no mail so I'm not clobbered on Sunday eve when we return. Just the freecycle stuff and my financial bootcamp emails will come in.

My test went well tho. Wish I have my results from all 3. :P

Got DD a library card yesterday. Because they don't charge late fees for kids books. Although I keep thinking I'm late on things and they never charge me. I can't argue with it tho.

We've spent $130 on groceries this month so far. And should be under a hundred more. I should start the new list now. The menus have helped tremendously. Next month I should be able to buy chicken breasts again. YUM! We finally have money and are paying off debt. It's exciting. When our debt is paid off we'll have just over $500 in expendable income. Which will be saved for school and then we'll have no money.

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