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February 14th, 2005 at 02:49 am

Freecycle was on CBC Marketplace a week ago and then two days later I was in the paper about freecycle here.

We've had 148 new members in a week, to the hour. HEHE. Probably make 150 by tomorrow.

It's been pretty crazy.

People just WANT WANT WANT. I think we've had at least 5 computers wanted (not mentioning the person who wants them for charity). We've had a request for a trampoline (not ripped anywhere) and an electric guitar. :P I'm a little annoyed with the outrageous people. Sure if someone OFFERS. But rarely do people give big ticket items away. Of course, this is what they portrayed on Marketplace :P :P :P

Given away there's been a pool table, stove and dishwasher and a leather coat.

It's been hopping so I haven't had time for much else while on line. That and I finally finished my second assignment. Have to wait for my letter of consent before I can send it in tho.

Write about valentine's day soon.

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