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October 30th, 2004 at 10:23 pm

Well, we have no money or very little but everything is paid. But what does DH do? Leaves his sandwhich on the cupboard. :P He's over 15 minutes away, I have no vehicle, means he's grabbing fast food. GRR!

Did light stocking today. The asst. manager (who drove me h ome on Thursday) had a fit because I had a heavy box on my wheeler, but I was taking the items out indivdually and putting them on the shelf. Head feels not too bad.

Two days off and I should be good as new.

Finally got some more hours in two weeks. I had 12, it's double that now. PHEW!! Was having panicks, I need 20 some hours so I can pay off debt the way I plan. I want out of debt ASAP. Plus, there's the visit and christmas pictures to do this month. But DH gets paid 3 times in December/January (depending on when the checks get deposited) so we should get back on track then.

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