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September 30th, 2004 at 11:37 pm

Tomorrow at least. We have $16 not counting the rent money still sitting around.

Watching Opera. Enterprising women who made millions.

DD drank some a little bit of bubble solution then threw up on the carpet. She seems okay now.

Todays' work was fun. Our freight didn't get into until 8:30ish and then they stuck too many skids on the truck and everything was squished. Bleach and fabric softener, and grapes and cherry tomatoes to mention a few. SOme sugar as well. That was all in the flats of soup.

I just laughed because there was nothing I could do. I tried to pull a skid. Those those are heavy. I'm not very strong at all. 5'2" and 110 lbs. Tanis can move them somehow she's not bigger than me but she's been working longer so she must have some arm strenght. I've gained loads since I started working again.

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