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I don't know

September 20th, 2004 at 08:53 pm

Everytime the Saving Advisor comes out I have two posts on there. Not sure if it's good or not.

I worked today. Was supposed to be 4 hours but turned out to be 6, and Friday is the same way so I'm back up to 30 hours for this week again. A nd probably next week as well will turn out like that and the week after I'm scheduled for 30.

One of my friend's from high school is supposedly coming through town. S he's suppsoed to call me sometime ... I think. :P Looks like we'll have to catch the bus to pick her up. If I can get DD into clothing. :P

All bills are covered I have to pay the water bill. forgot about that.

My budget payment for natural gas went down 1.70 a month. Wohoo. It's not much but every dollar counts most days.

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