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September 18th, 2004 at 09:25 pm

I ran over/into my ankle at work with a wheeler (the wheeled carts we use to put the grocery stock on). It was full and didn't stop when I planned. My bloody foot still hurts. I wanna swear.

DH called in sick :P I hate when he does this. He gets whiney when I make him go. I wish he would read Dave Ramsey.

I was reading my book on intution (Finding Your Purpose by Carol Adrianne) and since DH had closed by book (I know I"m bitching again) I just flipped to a page. But then the page talked about making mandala's to get your creative energy going and telling the universe what you want so I'm going to make one maybe tomorrow, or sometime.

Dh's mother is coming on Wednesday. He phoned to see if she had dates to come yet and his dad says "well she left today." Gee, thanks for calling. Not that this is unusual. :P Just annoying.

She is at her friend's house and then is going to dh's sister and then coming back here and then driving to the airport to fly home. (they have money!).

She's only staying two days as far was we know. Wondering what she's going to buy DD for her birthday. They never ask us they just buy us something and don't care if we like it? I'm not sure there.

The kid has too much stuff. :P

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