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Facing Reply

September 16th, 2004 at 10:10 pm

Facing (apparently known as zoning at wal-mart) means we pull the first few (at least 2) items of each product to the front of the shelf. This also means stacking items that are stackable ie soup cans, cereal boxes.

It makes the store look neat and nidy. Save On is not an cheapy store like Wal-mart. It's rather high priced so I don't shop there often. I know my sale prices and stock up when things come on. (2 for 1 sugar today!! Wohoo!). Anyway, it's a little more expensive than most places because the store is neater and people are available for customer service.

Our meat is better than any other store. The regular ground beef is just as good as lean from any other place. It's more expensive tho, so I wait for a sale and stock up there too.

If the shelves at your store always look full then the store gets faced. If they always look half empty then it is not faced.

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