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September 15th, 2004 at 07:10 pm

My joints hurt. Just the right side of my body since I use my right hand 75% of the time when I'm facing (which I do twice a week at least).

My right ankle is giving me grief constantly. Stiff and sore.

I've had some kind of arthiritis for years. The doc I saw when I was 16/17 told me it was growing pains. :P I'm still having pain. Espcially when it's cold.

Bought 4kg of chicken drumsticks for $15 today at work. NOt a bad deal. Should last us a while. I need to get another box of chicken breasts too, that costs $28 at superstore.

Got 2 for 1 cake mixes. Since the birthday party is this weekend. Sounds like Friday now since DH is home and my mom's boyfriend is leaving sunday afternoon.

And then I'll have my new wagon!! LOL. MY? It's for DD. Bad bad girl.

Think I'll go take some ibruprofen. ANyone know what the expiry date on a bottle of that means? Should I throw it out? I hate to, we use about 5 pills a year which is why I have an old bottle. It's only two months old or soemthing.

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