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Good morning

September 12th, 2004 at 01:40 pm

It's 7:30 AM here. I'm up. I usually get up at 5 for work. So I got to sleep in this morning. Yesterday I really slept in. In fact, I beleive I over slept and then was groggy tired all day and nothing got done.

Think after I type this I am going to do my aerobic workout tape. And then grab a bite to eat. DD won't be up until 8:30 or 9. I think I'll get her up at 8:30, that way she'll really nap again.

IT was actually warm yesterday. 22 C. Then it rained for a few minutes. THis big black cloud came and hovered over us, not enough to cover the sun tho and then it rained.

Spent a lot of money yesterday. On groceries and my clothes rack and DD's birthday present (she's up already!!!)

Today we have to go to Save on (where I work). Sugar is on 2 for one. Wohoo!! (Limit 2 free). So we'll buy four (4 kg) sugars for the price of 2 and not have to buy sugar for a long long time. It's better tahn when it was on for $2.99/4kg.

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