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Why I love my husband

August 30th, 2004 at 11:06 pm

I realized I complain too much about him. But this is the only place I can do it. I can't rag on hima ll the time. I can't tell my mom because she doesn't really like him already.

He did let me stay at home with DD for 2 years without complaining that I wasn't working when we sort of needed it. He is very supportive he's very loving he's great to look at.

He's very intelligent. Somehow he barely passed high school and ended up in college (which he needs to finish). He and I share the same intrests in subjects ... we play the same video games (or we used to when I had time ot play video games).

He's great with DD. He plays ring around the rosie and taught her to stack blocks. He is teaching her to count and her colours.

He does dishes occasionally and makes a few things for supper. Makes me feel like I'm not doing things 100% of the time.

Sounds good so far. I'll edit this and add on as I think of things. I'm looking for supper now.

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