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August 30th, 2004 at 10:54 pm

When DH went out last night to get a pop he took money out of his account. (He already spent his blow money for this month). He says it was because the debit machine doesn't work there. (Actually I know they usually don't take small amounts on debit).

Should I feel guilty for not trusting him? He has a history of not lying, but not telling everything and I usually just let it slide. But I told him explicity that we only have x amount of money until I got paid again on friday. And the money left in our accounts was for food and rent. Now There is no money for food. I could take it out of the emergency fund, which is what he expected to happen. But I'm not doing that. We just won't buy any food this week. I hadn't planned on buying a lot, but screw it.

I'm still pissed off y'know. I want to cry. I'm not sure I completely believe him totally. I feel slightly bad, but damn it he can't do things like that without telling me. Last time he did it cost us $35, which is why we have no money left when there is month left.

Anyone have any tips for convincing a significant other? I think I'll just keep playing Dave Ramsey continually in the morning and maybe he'll come around to that way of thinking eventually.

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