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August 28th, 2004 at 07:50 pm

Did some laundry yesterday I have another load or two yet to do today. DH is sleeping now :P.

Made muffins, cookies and a second loaf of bread yesterday. We go through bread so fast here that I decided to make an extra loaf and then there is no problem with DH's lunch. (not that he work this weekend). Have to check the accounts to see what has gone out and what hasn't. We just have the car insurance and rent yet to be paid (rent shouldn't go until next friday and i get paid again that day). but i'm fearful now that we did the thing again.

The insurance has gone out. There is enough in DH's account for the rent check and my account is for food. He has his bloody cigerettes. :P And we'll have $10 left after that but I get paid next week. DH took his last week vacation off for Sept 5-11.

My dad and his gf might be coming to visit tomorrow. I think they likely will since he told me already. Like I'm expecting him. *shrugs* I'll be happy if they come. My plan is this time to have him buy some ribs or something and I'll just make supper here rather than him taking us all out. Except that his sister lives here too and I'm not sure what she can eat. So maybe not ... we'll see tomorrow. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Sweet sleep.

Speaking of which it is nap time. So nightynight.

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