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Nothing much

August 24th, 2004 at 10:57 pm

There is nothing much to say. It's almost 5 Pm. DD just passed out on the floor. I'll let her lay for about 20 minutes if I go much longer she'll never go to sleep tonight.

Just spent too much time here today. On the computer that is. Bad Asrai.

Browsing through allrecipes.com trying to decide on something for supper.

DH and I are going to teh steambath tomorrow. My aunt, uncle and cousins gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. And this may be our only chance to do it. 7:00 PM. Mom's gonna look after DD for us.

Hopefully my course will be here (tomorrow just to spite me :P).

The new guy hired at work has more hours than me LOL. But I can only work until 1 or so. Right now I could work later but 30 hours a week is quite enough for me. Maybe once my course comes I'll ask about fewer but I don't wnat to do that because I want to get out of debt NOWNOWNOW!!.

Maybe i had a bit more to say than i thought.


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