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29 hours and Freecyling

August 23rd, 2004 at 05:48 pm

I will be working 29 hours this week. It was 28 but I was asked to stay an extra hour today.

Dh is too tired 'cuase he couldn't get to sleep. :P

Organizedchristmas.com doens't start until next week.

Had someone on my freecycle group try to give away emails. Freecycle is keep things out the land fill. Gmail accounts don't fall into that category.

An other freecyclers out there? Never heard of it? Go to http://www.freecycle.com

I've had two people want something I was giving away neither of them managed to show up to claim them. I've given up. I'm too busy.

Everyone send your good thoughts at my psych course will be here this week. THanks.

Have a good day


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