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August 22nd, 2004 at 03:23 pm

DD and I just had some oatmeal. Had the thought that I could make quick oats on the stove which should save me microwave mess and DH complaining about it. (not that I gave a damn when he does complain about it ... it's a cheap and yummy and filling breakfast).

On menu planning. Leanne Ely (savingdinner.com) suggests making 6 different menus for a week and just rotating them. So I have intentions of getting that going with previous menus.

To do list for the day
Make cookies
Pay gas and water bills.
Put $50 in savings (for later debt payment)
Make at least one week of meals
Make shopping list
Go shopping
Renew spirit
Check out organizedchristmas.com. The program starts today.
Clean fish tank. (we can still see the fish so it's not bad yet)
Water plant. (yes we have one plant)
Type out TightWad Gazette Recipes
Copy Saving Dinner recipes from email to computer recipe book
Wash carrots (from our garden)

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