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August 19th, 2004 at 07:24 pm

I'm so sleep.; DD was up last night and in our bed and kicking and whining. I love teething.

Worked 6 hours. Tomorrow is 4 and Friday is 6 hours. Total of 28 hours this week I think. Hooray.

One of the bills will be paid off this week. It should take 5 months for the other one. And then my student loan interest releif is over and we can pay that down quick and then the car and then Dh's parents.

I'm just waiting for my bread to bake. To think I used to whine about how long it takes to make bread and it only takes 20 minutes to mix it (without help from DD) and then 30 minutes to bake it. And then I am going to bed.

Home made bread is much yummier as well.

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