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August 17th, 2004 at 06:44 pm

Last week flylady had anti-whining week.

This week I'm reading "The Simple Living Guide" by Janet Luhrs. Very good book.

In it it says that she used to get annoyed by little things like slippers laying the living room. Now she remembers to be happy that there are family members to leave the slippers and spend time with her.

Sunday night I was whining that I didn't want to go to work at 6 AM. Then I remembered why I was going to work (feed the family, pay rent, bills, pay off debt and return to school in the next year or two). I may not enjoy being awake at 6, but I do enjoy the things the paycheck buys for me and my family.

Since then every night I thank the goddess and god for my job. I am lucky that I am able to work and that I have a good job that is giving me many hours of pay.

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