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Stressful Spendy weekend

November 23rd, 2004 at 12:50 am

It cost us $80 in gas alone to get to SIL and back. We'll we have nearly a full tank of gas left. Half way between here and there gas is super cheap. Here it is 79.9/liter and there we paid 72.4cents/liter.

Then we bought some food on the way there and back which was I guess $20. And then we exchanged presents which cost another $20. And there were some other incidentals, so about $130 we spent on one weekend that was VERY stressful.

4 kids, 2 room house. 3 smokers. The kids are 7 year old boy, 4 year old with Down's Syndrome girl, and 3 year old girl.

DD is rather shy and quiet. Their kids are CRAZY, nutso. They just want to be in our poor girl's face all the time and she doesn't know what to do. She did play with them, espcially their 7 year old son. The middle girl was always hugging and in her face, she's a very lovey kid, and is well intentioned but DD just can't take it.

my sister in law went shopping twice. Once without the kids, and once with two kids. ARGH. Like 6 hours of shopping with her. I don't mind shopping. But boy oh boy she likes to spend. They went into their overdraft while we are there. (They have no savings, and make a decent income. No debt but they smoke ... and not just cigerettes. At least they go outside for the latter).

It was supposed to DH's and I weekend together. We only get minimal time togheter. So SIL and I went out. And then he went out with his brother in law for 3 hours and i was asleep when he got back. So I was a little rude when the guys got back, 'cause I was pissed I never saw him all evening.

IT was a total of 8 hours driving. DD did REALLY good. The last bit she was getting antsy, not that I blame her.

Okay I hope this makes sense. I gotta make some supper.

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