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Late supper

September 29th, 2004 at 01:23 am

We haven't eaten yet it's nearly 7:30. DD and I were playing and I lost track of time. I'm rather hungry.

Spent $120 today. Bought a winter jacket for DH (65), shoes (25!!! he was wearing 10 year old sandals), two pairs of pants (15 each). I didn't need pants but they were so comfy. I have buyer's remorse but I"ll be okay. IT was stuff we needed and it was cheap. CLosing out sale. The guy was so funny in there.

I have to make two phone calls tomorrow morning. One to the government to find out why the hell they havne't cashed my damned check and one for a freind to give her a reference.

DD had one time out this evening. She wasn't listening so we sat on her bed and she screamed for a while.

Supper fis 8nearly ready. IL have to go dou siome mpre house work since i have done NOTHING today (except study)

Good night.


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