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Sleep sweet sleep

September 26th, 2004 at 03:53 am

Nothing much. Worked today it wasn't too bad. But I changed my attitude to being grateful about my job and being happy about being there.

DD is being a whiner. DH keeps giving into her. I rarely give in to anything she demands unreasonably so she never tries that crap with me. He knows this but he just can't take it.

Didn't get much done outside 2 loads of laundry. Had a 1.5 hour sleep which was nice. I needed that. Looking forward to 3 extra hours of sleep tomorrow.

It's time for bed now.

We still have to go shopping tomorrow. DD and I need new toothbrushes and paste. And yogurt, DD loves yougurt.

But I found out if I make sure my razor's dried out and not left in the tub/shower then it can last a hell of a lot longer than if I leave it in the tub.

Okay I'm done rambling for tonight
Night night all.

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