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August 31st, 2004 at 01:00 am

We watch the same teletubbies movie at least 5 times a day I think. I need to get another. Every few hours DD comes over ... "tubbies gain please" How can I refuse when she asks so nice?

Trying to get DD on the potty today. Not going so well. I need to change her underpants. She's got a horrible rash on the inside of her legs that is hurting her something fierce.

Back to work tomorrow. Maybe I can cut down after Christmas.

For my course it's going to cost me about $50 to write the four exams. $10 for the 3 one hour exams and $20 for the two hour exam. That kinda sucks but I should be done promptly. I have to write up an ad for work asking people to volunteer their kids for my psych research paper. I should whip that up tonight as I should be at that point mid-October and I need to get things set up before that.

ANyway it looks like the tubbies are done for the next hour. Maybe more we're gonna do dishes and have a bath/shower. (I shower first and then she baths. It's the only way I find time to get in there. Every spare second is spent reading my text book or reading email or playing with DD or cleaning the house).

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