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August 26th, 2004 at 02:44 am

DH took money out for a friend's wedding present that I hadn't counted on and he didn't tell me so I didn't subtract it and the gas money (which may or may not have wrecked things) ... anyway I forgot about the insurance going out on the 22-24 (I hate that it doesn't come out on a certain date). SO that cost us $35. I'm totally kicking myself. KICK KICK KICK. It's the third time we've bounced something. I have to go find out tomorrow how to pay this when DH gets paid and we have the money (we don't know because we bought some groceries today which put us near $250 for the month on money). I'm so mad that we did this. ARGH. Dumb dumb dumb.

But I had planned on taking $100 for debt, it's gone down to $50 for this week. Next week should be better. I'm just all depressed becuase we've done this three times on three different payments. I have to get a running written total for DH. Or he has to start paying attention to our money and stop leaving everything to me.

We went used part of my gift certificate for the steam bath tonight. It was okay. Nothing exciting. Made me really tired tho. It was almost too hot. Which is strange from me becuase it very rarely gets too hot for me. I'm in a sweater and jeans when it's 22 C or less. Not kidding. I'm not fun to share a car/house with.

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