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January 23 i

January 24th, 2005 at 02:08 am

SItting here listening to Dave Ramsey. WHere the winner is awarded for who payed off the most debt/saved the most money in proportion to their income in a 6 month period.

My teacher called. The first time in 3 courses that one has called so that was exciting for me. She told me to email my stuff in so it gets there quicker. That'll save me money as well. It costs $50 +7% GST to mail a letter within Canada.

We finally got to go out today. It was mid-week but of course DD was very sick (she was napping!!) so we didn't get out. But today we went out on the tricycle. She can nearly peddle all by herself.

Talked to my sister in law for a long time. She always has good kid/husband advice for me.

DD wants to play uptoten.com so I guess i'm done. NEed to do dishes anyway.

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