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Happy Joy or not

November 23rd, 2004 at 04:33 am

It seems that the Calliou video we got from my SIL has ruined (both) VCR's. I made the assumption (wrongly) that it was a bug's life or that the VCR was dirty. So I switched to the other VCR, which has a habit of eating tapes (so it's not the best one to use anyway). Neither of them will show a tape now. If I go the menu I can hear the tape, and I can almost see when using the tracking. But, the tracking is what seems to be ruined. I can't manual track the tape and the auto track is dead.

Wonder how cheap we can get a new VCR. Frown Very unhappy. Won't tell DH about using the second VCR. He thinks it's dead anyway. VERY PISSED OFF asrai right now. DD is just getting into Calliou so I was hoping that things would work out well for us with the tape. Nope it's killed 3 VCR's now, since I'm assuming that it killed SIL's as well. ARGH ARGH ARGH. Damned. Gotta go write DH a note and tell him that the VCR is dead dead dead.

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