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Attempt #2

November 14th, 2004 at 01:10 am

Attempt #1 to post was thwarted by DD's desire to play on the computer and then it was time for exercises. I do aerobics everyday that DH works. Added to DD and I going for a walk.

We're doing good this month it should be a decent month despite my pitiful work hours. They keep saying "Things will pick up next week." I'm still waiting for next week a month later. And despite that we are going on a 4 hour car ride (one way).

OTher than that, we haven't spent a lot of money. DH keeps wanting to spend spend spend as usual. And i would like a few things for myself. I'm getting a little resentful.

Writing my 3rd exam this week and the final one next week. Phew. Have a good day. Supper is nearly ready.


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