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So busy

November 11th, 2004 at 03:54 am

I've have 28 hours of work this week. Tomorrow is a stat day so double time for most of the day. Hooray for me (it's dependent on the hours you work per week *rolls eyes*).

Anyway, Red Deer freecycle has 100 members. This is the most exciting news for me. We've been open since June 25, and we have 100 members!!! Doing a happy dance right now.

I've finished reading my text book now I just have to write my tests. And print the last assignment off and send it. I should do that now.

Learned about anger managment today in my parenting class. That was interesting might have to post about that later if I have some time. And then went ot my mom's. Went shopping today spent less than I thought we would and should have a juice supply for the rest of the month. Have to enter that information in my spreadsheet. I'm tracking everything to find out where we need to cut down (extra's and add more into the fruit and veggies category) to try to get the balanced diet/balanced budget we need and desire.

ANyway it's nearly nine I just got back from my mom's. And I have to eat snack, get ready for bed, do some housework (OR NOT), and get to bed.

Have a good night.

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