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August 30th, 2004 at 02:40 am

Well we went and had a hot dog roast in the rain with my mom and her bf and his daughter.

Then we came home and DH says "i'm going to fill up the car with gas." And I thought about it for a while and figured out ... and i said "Just go buy a damn pop."

And he went off and went to visit neighbours/friends of ours. His I guess. I dunno whatever. They smoke and we dont' like to take DD over there so I just stay home ... lucky me.

I was feeling upset about his pop buying. He buys smokes and he buys a pop here and there. And people have told me I'm going ot feel resentful and I'm starting to. And I came up with a compromise. Dave Ramsey. He can buy pop so long as I can listen to Dave Ramsey. Now if he would come home so I can tell him how I feel and what I would like to see as a solution.

The thing is I don't want to buy stuff for myself. I want him to stop buying things for himself. He whines once a while "When are we going to be out of debt?" And I said we could manage in like 2 years. and he says "well yeah if we never buy anything and i'm not going to do that." well then i guess you've made your choice. I'm frustrated. oh well ... maybe someday he'll figure it out.

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