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October 24th, 2004 at 08:16 am

DD is still sleeping on the sofa. She wanted to get up but then I was watching Good Morning Canada, she fell asleep on me so I set her down and came to read my email.

My ISP was testing out some new anti-virus email scanning so I got no emails Friday and they ALL came on Saturday and Sunday. 200+. (I belong to many email groups, although I've cut down, plus my freecycle group email that needs to be moderated.

Re-reading the $10/week grocery list from budget101.com Always helpful. Especially when we are going to get groceries today.

I'm taking a parenting course for young parents. And I brought the book home to read. In the budgeting sectiion there is a page about food and what the average person should spend per month dependent on age.

For myself it's $150, DH: nearly 200 and DD almost a hundred. THat's just for food. They have all the other things paper, cleaners, etc at over 100 and then DD's diapers on top of that. That's like nearly double the amount we spend now on everything (we use cloth diapers for one). It's insane. There would be so much junk food in this house if we spent that.

Anyway DD is up, so we are going to make up some oatmeal. and I'm going ot add raisins to the shopping list as we are out.

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