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Another Day another ...

October 21st, 2004 at 05:41 pm

$600 dollars I guess. DH got paid today. I get paid tomorrow, my check will have a stat day on it, DH's next paycheck will have the stat day on it. This paycheck basically goes to rent.

Made some of the the chicken tonight. Maid chicken chow mein but it hasn't been as good as the first time I made it. Very disappointing.

The guy from freecycle came and picked up the snowsuits today. I guess I can say I give becuase we donate a lot of DD"s clothing and other things around the house that we have an abundance of.

My mom and her bf are going to kill one of his cows. And they are going ot give/we are going to buy some meat from it. Good meat. I hate buying it from the store, we can only afford the cheap cheap stuff and it's always fatty and tough and not good. So hopefully this will save us some money and we'll get good food and fill the freezer.

I did make bread yesterday and cookies. With 2/3 the amount of sugar, they taste good despite me doubling the baking soda. I froze half of the dough for later becuase they tend to get hard.

Bought $20 worth of groceries for $15 today at work. Card saves money. Of course I checked my price book first and they prices were good. So that was my saving for the day. How was your day?

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