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Day off!

October 20th, 2004 at 08:19 am

Day off today. Gonna bake some bread I think.

Been up since 7:30 (2 1/2 hour sleep in!). Did aerobics. DD got and we had breakfast. She's dresed I'm not. She's watching her show and then we'll go brush teeth and get dressed.

We bought 5 kg of chicken legs yesterday for $8.60 (CD). Gonna cook them in the crockpot when we want them because they take so long in the oven, it takes less energy. I used to thaw them and cut them but that takes forever. If I cook them in the crockpot long enough they should just fall off the bone and then I'll cut them up. Maybe I'll do some up and freeze the cut up chicken cubes for stirfrys and such. I also have 3 kg of chicken drumsticks I bought last month ($15 I think maybe $11) that I can do things with. Both DD and I love chicken. DH would rather have hamburger.

I can also take the bones after I cook the chicken legs and make soup. In september I bought a whole chicken that i made for motherinlaw and me for supper that I made broth with. SO I have lots, but there's always room for more. Our freezer we bought last year is getting very full. I need to organize it somehow.

I have about three cups of applesauce yet to freeze. And then it's done.

Time for getting dressed. Have a great day everyone.

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