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The "S" word

October 16th, 2004 at 03:28 pm

It snowed here today. Well something between midnight and 5 AM (It was still raining at midnight when DH came in). It was melting when I was heading to work, but then again that was on the car that I had just started. The temperture felt nice out then, at 5 AM.
So I went to work and the truck of freight was just arriving. YAY and hour late!! Grr, so we got that unloaded and then I started to work and Kelly did nothing. As usual. The men there are so lazy. Me and Joan got loads done tho.
DD is watching "songs". Mostly kids singers from the 80's Sharon Lois and Brahm and Sandra Beech (S, L, B are Canadian). It's funny to see the hair and clothing they have on. Brings back memories. Mother In law got it for her for her birhtday she LOVES it.
Tomorrow off. YAY. But my apples got snowed on before I could get them Frown Damned anyway. I really wanted to make some applesauce. Gotta figure out what we are having for supper. DD won't anything anyway *rolls eyes*

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