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October 15th, 2004 at 05:38 pm

Finally a freecycle worked out. Sort of. I went shopping with my mom but left the dresser out side and she picked it up. There is so much room in DD"s room. If only I could get rid of those silly boxes of clothes. But I find it hard to give away BRAND NEW clothing. I kept only the brand new stuff and stuff that was too cute. I want to give it away, but to someone in the family or circle of friends y'know. Since all the clothing I got was given to me by the same.

I do need to send an outfit to an old high school friend who just hada a girl.

A lady is bringing me soem apples tomorrow. From her tree. Gonna make apple sauce for muffins since using oil is bloody expensive. it takes 1 c of oil and 4 eggs (I only use 1 egg and 3 egg subsituttes of cornstrach and water) for the silly recipe. I think I'm out of carrots anyway, but the apple sauce will good for baking and DD will eat it. Hopefully, the kid won't eat anythibg lately.

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