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Didn't I?

October 13th, 2004 at 08:19 am

Didn't I write an entry yesterday? Can't remember. *sigh* Apparently not. Maybe I dreamed it. I have very real dreams that I can't tell apart from reality sometimes. Once I dreamt I talked to my SIL on the phone nad had to ask DH the next day if that had really happened. I'm not crazy really.

Yeah I remember I wrote about the stuff I'm giving away on freecycle. A dresser of DD's that we no longer need. We had so much extra stuff from my sister-in-law that we needed it to store everything but now that's all gone and the dresser is just taking up room. A lady is coming ot pick that up on Thursday.

I forgot to phone the other lady yesterday about DD's last year snowsuit that she would like. It's a nicenice snowsuit I could prolly consign for a goodly amount of money but I would rather give it since it was given to me.

We also have a big bag of clothes and toys of DD"s and other random household items to give to a charity. It's overflowing so I guess I should take it down.

Have some school work to get finished today (FINALLY gonna have my #1 paper done. Then I have to write test #3 write paper #2 and test #4 and i'me DONE!! Wohoo). Anyway the point is paper #1 is gonna be done.

Well DD"s show is almost over and we have to go brush our teeth and finished getting dressed.

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