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Happy Thanksgiving

October 11th, 2004 at 06:08 pm

At least in Canada.

Got taken out for THanksgiving supper. My mom and her boyfriend took DD and I out. Dh is working tonight. Double time pay!! wohoo. I got paid for not working. Gotta love those stat days. This will make up for last week and next weeks cut down of hours. Not to mention the stereo DH talked me into buying. It is considered our Christmas present tho. We are also going to buy some blinds for the bedrooms.

I'm giving away DD"s last years snowsuit and a dresser to Freecyclers. YAY. Hopefully it'll work out this time. Last two people never did show up. Oh well, if they don't it's going to charity. Along with a chair that no one wants (it's missing a leg and we have no room to put it so we don't feel the need to replace it). I also have a big bag of DD's clothes and toys and some of my toys and household items that will be donated.

After Christmas we will be selling her crib as well. My dad is buying her a bed, as far as I am aware of.

I broke my freecycle rules tho. I have a paper to be written after I interveiw three children in three age groups to determine their development of conservation (that matter, volume of liquid, number stay the same even if the appearance changes ... I looked for some links online but couldn't find anything useful). Anyway I don't know anyone in the city that has kids that age (well o ne person but she's fallen of the earth so I had to give up and move on) so I posted to freecycle looking for volunteers. It's gonna bit me in the ass I know. But I had to I have to get this done. That tarot cards told me I opened Pandora's box, which I hope means that it will turn out okay.

DD is watching a cartoon so I should go do the dishes. As much as I don't want to. It's back to work tomorrow and Wednesday is off for both DH and I. That never happens. Not like it matters much I'm exhausted by 10 PM period, working or not. IT sucks. But someday things will be back to normal.

Have a good thanksgiving. As

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