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October 11th, 2004 at 09:10 am

Busy busy bee.

Making tortillas this morning. Did my budget for food according to Jo's budget files on 4on4@yahoogroups.com. She's a very frugal lady.

According to what I want to spend a month on food I should be spending about 2.30/meal for the three of us. (Of course, DD's portions are 1/4 the size of DH's. Maybe less).

There is $52/category/month to spent on food. Meat, grains, fruits and vegs, milk and the like and misc food. I think I can work within those categories. BUt I have to start tracking how much is spent in each category. I also haven't yet made my menus up. BAD. I'm the one who talked about them the most and i haven't done it.

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